Mitcom Sdn Bhd


Vision & Mission


Consistently improve on and lead the audio visual related industry into a new era of information communications underscored with value-added experience, innovative products of the highest quality, and professional, reliable customer service. maintain its position as a leading player and reputable partner in the industry by providing uncompromised dedication and focus on quality as well as service efficiency.


  • Be a leading, reputable audio visual system and communication provider with a distinct competitive edge through the use of cutting edge technologies and solutions.

  • Consistently seek the most cost-efficient answers to the challenges that arise and identify any opportunities in the audio, visual and communications industry to provide clients with the best solutions.

  • Achieve a higher level of efficiency in customer service and satisfaction, which is key to developing long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships.

  • Deliver comprehensive, total solutions to connect people with selected audiences globally by utilizing the most innovative and effective electronic medium available.
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