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Diverse Content Support

Calling All Content

Appspace is built to share all kinds of content and information: live and recorded video, signs, presentations, dashboards, and beyond.

Single App

One App To Run Them All

We have just one app for all the devices and operating systems that connect to Appspace, providing consistency across platforms. In most cases you just install it from a device's specific app store and you're ready to go.


User-friendly Interface

Please, Control Yourself

The Appspace App presents your content and information to end users in an intuitive interface that works just like the apps they're familiar with. Clickable. Mouse-able. Remote-controllable.


Digital Signs

See the Signs

Appspace gives you a wide range of options for creating sign content, and comprehensive tools for managing the distribution and access to signs across countless devices. The Appspace App can be set to autoplay a specific sign (and the onscreen interface can even be disabled), making that device a dedicated digital sign.

Appspace Dashboard

Now Anyone Can Manage Content

We've made an easy way for anyone to create, manage, and publish information in Appspace. Pre-configured templates for specific types of content—like basic announcements, social media feeds, or data visualization—give business owners a headstart and easy workflow for creating and managing content. Cards also let brand owners define and lock down those templates' layouts, backgrounds, colors, fonts, and text formatting.

Live & Recorded Video

Radio Stars Beware

With Appspace you can share video streams and video files. Share webcasts, training videos, and more—even third-party programming, like news channels, using your IPTV service subscription.


Learn The Theory Of Relevant-Tivity

Everyone already faces information overload. So Appspace makes it easy to give people only the information that's relevant to (and appropriate for) them. The platform considers all content (signs, dashboards, presentations, and on) to be channels and lets you create channel groups for specific user or device groups, like employees in a specific team or devices in a specific location.

Extensive Administrative Controls

Enterprise Tested

Appspace gives IT administrators granular control over practically every aspect of the platform, including user permissions, network and device management, and security settings. Organizations that need their content and information to stay on their private network can install Appspace on-premises. And our rich API lets you automate workflows and build custom tools. Exactly what the most demanding global enterprises require. From our nerds to yours.

Supported Devices & Operating Systems

The Power Of Choice

The Appspace App is based on industry-standards, enabling it to run on a wide range of devices. That way you can use Appspace with devices that have the price and features you require, from the vendor you prefer, and can worry less about device lifecycles and availability.
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