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Cloud Video Conferencing

Enjoy high quality video conferencing from the device of your choice, the location of your choice and the network of your choice. Bring your worlds together on video – affordably and simply.

Global Coverage

Great quality calls require great coverage. Video calls are especially sensitive to network conditions. To ensure great coverage, we have datacenters all over the globe. To ensure optimal quality, we switch your calls onto our dedicated video network so that all calls have the quality of a local call.


Unlimited Flexibility

Our plans enable you to start low and add users as you grow. From pay-as-you-go to enterprise plans - 10 users or 10,000 users: We've got the right subscription plan for you.


Easy To Use

The user experience is at the heart of the Videxio service. That means interoperability, the possiblity to easily manage video calls and the ability to use high quality video conferencing where and when it suits you. Ease of use means frequency of use.
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