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Cynap Core

  • Cynap Core is a compact, easy to use wireless presentation and collaboration system
  • Provide 'core essential' collaboration features
  • BYOD screen sharing & cast
  • Built-in web browser, making it super easy to look up and use online information
  • Easy to create extra content material using our built-in digital whiteboard and annotation feature
  • Only can open max. 2 windows
  • 1080p resolution




  • Cynap is a powerful all-in-one wireless collaboration and presentation system
  • Record all your multi-window, multimedia content in HD.
  • BYOD screen sharing & cast
  • Easy to create extra content material using our built-in digital whiteboard and annotation features.
  • Web Casting & conferencing solution also available
  • Your data is safe & encrypted with powerful enterprise grade security tools
  • Can open up to 4 windows
  • 4K UHD resolution



vSolution Matrix

  • Flexible network AV
  • Less boxes,less cable & cost effective
  • Easy drag & drop control of multiple screens
  • Enterprise level security features
  • Easy administration and maintenance
  • High performance system - run high quality video and audio with low latency, and a moderate bandwidth requirement

What is a Visualizer

A Visualizer is the most flexible presentation tool that picks-up any kind of material (books, photos, 3D objects, etc.) quickly and provides a high resolution output signal for video/data projectors, monitors, interactive whiteboards.

A Visualizer enables a presenter to translate ideas into convincing interactive presentations, and engage with audience in a manner that is more effective while ensuring that each and every presentation conducted is a memorable experience for the audience.


Visualizer Technology Market Leader

WolfVision is one of the World's Visualizer technology market leader and that provides high-end Visualizers.

Clients such as Google, Microsoft, Audi, Porsche, Nike, OMV, Magna, Cisco, HP, the New York Supreme Court, NASA, and Harvard University, all utilizes WolfVision's products.


Application in Education

Teaching is challenging and demanding, and also requires the utmost concentration. We understand that the key issue for every educator is to concentrate on delivering an effective lecture. This is why it is very important for us that all WolfVision Visualizers are extremely easy to use and do not impose any technical challenges on the speaker.

Application in Meetings and Seminars

The most important factors for successful training sessions, meetings and presentations are quite simple to name, but not so easy to implement. It is essential for the presenter to capture and maintain the attention of the audience, to be effectively present, to create interest, to encourage excitement and to captivate the participants.

Application in Video Conferencing

Efficient communication and cooperation are no longer dependent on personal presence. Enterprises today are increasingly aware of the need to compete on a global basis, to strengthen business partnerships and to improve their own productivity by enabling dispersed teams to work together more efficiently.

Dekstop Visualizers

  • Flexible (easy to move around)
  • Recordings outside of working surface possible (for room views, persons, or larger objects)
  • Connectors like USB or Extern-IN are more easily accessible

Ceiling Visualizers

  • No unit on the table
  • Nothing disturbs the vision between the audience and speaker
  • Larger objects can be picked up on working surface


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