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Pexip Infinity

Pexip Infinity is collaboration software that organizations can deploy across their own IT infrastructures, in a partner cloud or both – so that every individual can have their own personal high-quality video, audio and mobile meeting experience.


No hardware limitations and outstanding performance. Always stay up-to-date and no hardware acquisition cost and investment.

Pexip’s software-only development is further enhanced through a virtual backplane that allows multiple virtual Conferencing Nodes to work together throughout a network to provide a pool of hardware and software resources for the most effective use of all network resources.



Runs on industry-standard servers with the same flexibility in deployment, resilience and redundancy. In your data center. No custom hardware needed.

Pexip’s Infinity conferencing platform supports the desire of IT professionals to continue workflow migration to a virtualized environment, leveraging standard industry tools and processes to manage conferencing resources centrally throughout a global deployment.

Virtualization also speeds deployment and provides for enhanced redundancy and resiliency models more common to standard IT practices.



Deploy the load where and when you need it. Save bandwidth and deploy licenses from a central pool where needed.

Pexip Infinity conferencing platform allows for significant bandwidth savings over already congested and over-utilized WAN bandwidth links.

Video endpoints now join conferences via Conferencing Nodes deployed locally, leveraging the virtual backplane to connect virtual machines throughout the deployment, saving up to 90% of the WAN bandwidth needed for a centralized video conferencing while preserving the same experience users have come to expect.



Compatible with virtually any video conferencing endpoint – software or hardware.

Interoperability with various devices can be improved through the use of the Pexip mobile application for iOS. The Pexip App extends conference control to conference users, giving individuals the ability to mute, un-mute, invite and disconnect participants, and view a presentation out-of-band in a more personal manner.


Flexible Licensing

Pay only for the number of licenses you use. Scale up or down as you go.

Infinity leverages a centralized pool of licenses, with ports only consumed when endpoints connect to any deployed node. Once that connection ends, the license is released back into the pool, allowing it to be used anywhere else within the system at any time.

These benefits are further enhanced by Pexip’s commercial model, allowing customers to easily increase or decrease licenses when necessary, even if such a change is necessary only for a short period of time.

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