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Meeting Room

Save your travel budget and meet "face to face" at our Full HD video room

Time is precious, and business travel can consume hours or days. Why not cut travel time dramatically and meet face to face in a public video conference room that you can rent by the hour? Think of it as reinventing the way you do business! Video room rental is increasingly popular for depositions, interviews, training, consulting, project meetings, sales presentations, demonstrations and executive conversations.

In addition to the value of face-to-face conversation during virtual meetings, video conferences allow you to share documents, spreadsheets, slides and more in a real-time environment. You can supplement your meeting with options that include electronic white boards, document cameras, scan converters, laptops, DVD /VHS recordings and other business services. And two or more sites can be connected quickly and easily.


Video Conferencing Equipment/On-Site

We are possibly one of the only companies that can provide you with quantity and quality video conferencing system rentals for one day, one week, one month or longer.

Video conferencing rentals are installed directly to the locations where you need them.

We encourage you to schedule your rental early to insure equipment availability.



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