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    About Us


    Vision & Mission


    Consistently improve on and lead the audio visual related industry into a new era of information communications underscored with value-added experience, innovative products of the highest quality, and professional, reliable customer service. maintain its position as a leading player and reputable partner in the industry by providing uncompromised dedication and focus on quality as well as service efficiency.


    • Be a leading, reputable audio visual system and communication provider with a distinct competitive edge through the use of cutting edge technologies and solutions.

    • Consistently seek the most cost-efficient answers to the challenges that arise and identify any opportunities in the audio, visual and communications industry to provide clients with the best solutions.

    • Achieve a higher level of efficiency in customer service and satisfaction, which is key to developing long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships.

    • Deliver comprehensive, total solutions to connect people with selected audiences globally by utilizing the most innovative and effective electronic medium available.

    Job Openings

    Mitcom employees consists of a young and dynamic team. In order to realize the company’s vision and mission, founding principle have been set in place to serve as a guidance from the management team to rank and file staff as below: 

    Work as a team

    Be 100% customer driven

    Deliver on what is promised

    Seek every opportunity to be innovative


    In line with our continued expansion & development, we are continuously on the look for dynamic & suitably qualified personnel to join us.

    Current positions available as of April 2019:


    • No job openings available

    Do keep a lookout on our job openings in the future.




    A specialist in multimedia communications system, Mitcom Sdn Bhd has established itself as the front runner in the industry since its inception in January 2002.


    Focused on delivering managed solutions for video conferencing and audio visual needs, Mitcom’s unique competitive difference lies in this—the company understands that to deliver a workable solution is to deliver what is the fundamental demand of today’s users—a video and audio experience of unsurpassed quality, reliability and cost efficiency.


    Mitcom has been able to meet and exceed this fundamental requirement with a winning combination of complementing cutting edge technologies with a dedicated, in-house team of engineers and software developers.


    In addition, Mitcom works synergistically with a group of technology and associate partners—a move that not only maximizes the company’s potential, but also stands Mitcom in good stead and a few giant steps ahead of the ever-changing, fast-paced multimedia communications industry.


    Quality Statement


    Mitcom is committed to be a reputable partner within its industry by providing uncompromised dedication and focus on quality, as well as service efficiency.

    We are a dynamic organization committed to continual improvement in achieving high level of customer satisfaction.

    We strive to achieve these objectives by establishing the following strategies:

    •  Implementing QMS in compliance with ISO9001 to promote a culture of quality assurance in all Company systems and procedures

    • Increasing employee competence by training, awareness and evaluation

    • Evaluating and proactive engagement with customer to improve customer satisfaction with the quality of products and services

    • Fully committed in meeting customer requirements as well as statutory and regulatory requirements










    Frost & Sullivan 2014 Best Practices Award

    Malaysia Video Conferencing System Integrator Competitive Strategy Innovation & Leadership Award

    The Frost & Sullivan Award for Video Conferencing System Integrator Competitiive Strategy Innovation & Leadership Award is presented to the company that displays a futuristic approach by developing a premier solution and providing the best-in-class offerings to best suit each and every customer needs and demands.


    Frost & Sullivan 2013 Best Practices Awards

    Malaysia Video Collaboration Systems Integrator of the Year

    The Frost & Sullivan Award for System Integrator of the Year is presented to the company who exhibits excellence in Growth Strategy and Implementation, Degree of Innovation on professional services, Leadership in Customer Value and Market Penetration.


    Frost & Sullivan 2012 Best Practices Awards

    Malaysia Customer Value Enhancement Award for Enterprise Video Market

    The Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement of the Year is presented to the company that focus on enhancing the value that its customers receive, beyond simply good customer service, leading to improved customer retention and ultimately customer base expansion.


    Frost & Sullivan 2011 Best Practices Awards

    Malaysia Video Conferencing Market Channel Partner of the Year

    The Frost & Sullivan Award for Malaysia Channel Market Award is presented to channel patner that has demonstrated excellence in capturing market share within their industry.


    SME100 Award 2011

    Malaysia's Fast Moving Companies

    The SME100 Award is to recognise Malaysia's SMEs achievement within the SME's global market, with compliments from the Malaysian government and the National SME Development Council in paving and assisting SMEs to grow and serve as an important market liquidity towards Malaysia's economy.


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